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Guess who got Castlevania: Curse of Darkness for her birthday? Meeee~
Now I can continue my Isaac fangirling ways.
...Watch this for the Isaac/Trevor fanfiction I promised people three years ago, COS IT'S GONNA HAPPEN >D! I don't really know how yet, but after I replay the game once, twice or you know, like 10 times, I'll come up with something.
When I first started my new game, I realized that I forgot how much of a flamer voice Isaac had. mmm flamer <3
On to getting Hector killed again by Trevor~!

Keeping this safe~

I'm just keeping this safe.
Dood, I managaed to get into my Gaia account from '04.  It's going to be my new main.  The name's going to be Steffyn.

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I'm keeping this safe 8D

ded x(
So today so far I got a ride from a prep oy named Wes who's made of awesomeness and win, and I almost got in a fight with the school fat kid who thinks he's all that and a bag of chips because he talks smack and doesn't do shit when actually confronted.  That's Grabbitt for you.  He is seriously the most digusting piece of crapI've ever had to be in the same room with, and I have him for three classes!  He's really really loud and he used to sit behind me in Chem so I would hae to resist the urge of reaching back there and hitting him in the face with something.  He makes me sick.  Today in Chem. he told a semi-pretty prep girl that she'll be sorry that she didn't sleep with him when he's "buff" and "hot".  I doubt that'll ever happen. "Buff and hot"?  Seriously?  Ew.  He's a wrestler that got pinned in 8 seconds.  Seriously.  Shows how good of a wrestler he is if that's all he can last.  And he faked an injury badly with mascara and eyeliner done the wrong way.  It was really funny.   
Other than that, nothing has really happened besides that I'm in the library and eigther graders have ambushed.  They make me so angry )x!  Oh Jesus, here comes Grabbitt.  wth is he doing here?   
Anyway, last night I painted my nails.  One hand is blackxwhite polka dots with awesomesparkles and the other is whitexblack with awesomsparkles.     Okay, now that my computer is working okay again.  
So I'm in this library with an extrordinary lack of manga and a surplus of manga magazines most notably Shojo Beat which I hate with a passion, that has nothing good to read.  I like reading.  I read a lot.  This library doesn't satisfy my constant need for reading something awesome to keep me happy so now I'm writing way more than I'm reading which isn't going to turn out very well because the last time that happened,  Kazuno came to be and the last thing I need now is another Kazuno.  Yar.  And it's time for lunch.  Finally.  Peece.

So my  dad took my computer because my grades are shit and my only sources of internet are the school computers and my paren'ts desktop.   Daisi decided to be a little bitchwhore about everything in general so I stopped hanging out with her.  I haven't hung out with anyone lately, but I won't hang out with anyone who's going to be a two-faced whore like that.  I think so much phone use has corrupted her small brain.  I mean, every time I was over she would  be on the phone toalking to her precious Doyle, who she has never met.   Who seriously names their kid Doyle?  That's one o the stupidest and most painfully akward names ever.   For totez srs biznas.    
  I joined Subeta this week and won 80k.  Subeta is crappy as hell.  I can get there from school though.  I can't get to Gaia from school.  Makes me a sad panda.  So i go on when my parents aren't around, like right now.   I'm outta here.

I'm in PA now. It's so cold I'd slap my [step]mother if I was brave enough to.
And my dad is calling for me. He seems to be in a really bad mood today. I don't really know why D:
So I got yelled at again. wth. And I'm officially lame. I'm listening to Devil Went Down to Georgia. That there's my jam yo. XD
No really, that's the only epic country song. Anyway, This week was okay. I was late every day I went. Thursday I woke up too late and I skipped. This morning I wasn't late [technically].
I didn't hang out very much this week. That's okay I guess. I mean, it's not like Daisi really cares or anything.
All in all, this week was full of too much Gaia and internets in general. I'm doing really badly in American Lit. because I got a 60% on a project that was part of my mid-term. I used an Arashi song as a song about confidence since we had to pick transcendental songs. I got 4/4 for the quotes. I also used THE ALFEE and Dir en grey. Go me! 8D
Some kid used "Don't cha" by the Pussycat Dolls. Mr.Hathaway read what the kid put for an explanation. It was hysterical. So far, Mr. Hathaway is my favorite teacher because he's really funny and me makes class enjoyable. He wasn't here today.
Quite luckily, neither was Mr.Sherry who I have for Psychology and Current Affairs.
I really don't like him. Who seriously assigns an essay over the weekend and over jobs in psychology?  And idiot.  Yes, I just called him an idiot.  I'll do it again too.  He's an idiot. 
Oh and, a girl named Autumn tried to hook me up with an 8th grader with gorgeous long black hair and long eyelashes who just so happens to be very tall.  I would have gone out with him.  Only two things:  He's 14 years old.  I'm 17. AND.  I'm already taken by someone even more gorgeous.  Daisi asked him out for me.  Then he was like "I still like Daisi" and she was all "I'll beg him to go out with you.  You two would look good together!"  Then I lol'd.   Even the Study Hall teacher thinks we'd be good together, but I don't see it happening kthxbai.  Well maybe.  He IS tall with gorgeous hair.  Kinda on the chubb side though.  I am too so it's all good. 

Coudersport is boring and the only past-time is drama and walking.
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God I love Loveline. It's the best radio show ever. I love me some Dr.Drew and Stryker.

Today I found out that I failed 10th grade by .5 a credit. My dad was going to drop me out but it didn't happen. OMFG IT WAS JUST .5 A CREDIT. CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Yeah, he wasn't nice to the counselor. He told her I failed because she failed etc etc. Anyway, I called up Bill and spent two hours on my bathroom floor talking to him [I don't have a room, I have the loft, so my parents can hear what I'm talking about] about random crap. It was great.

My cousin Michael who's fresh out of jail called me Sunday. Before he was sent to the brig, he was a wild guy. Now he's calmer and actually reads. We spent a lot of
time talking about the last HP book. It was crazy. My parents offered to let him stay with us but he declined or something. That sucks because now I really want him to come stay with us. Hell, I'd pay for the gas and such if I could. I really want him to come here. But I don't think it'll happen.

I'm going to Tampa on Sunday. My grandma is getting surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in her bum. When my dad told me she had anal cancer, we both laughed for a while. I know it's mean, but it was funny at the moment. She's doing okay now. But yeah, it'll be weird. We're going to stay at my Aunt Melissa's house. I liked staying over there but I can't sleep most of the time since I get the couch which is kinda hard and in the living room. I hope I can visit my Uncle Tom while we're there. I'm going to draw him something. Maybe it'll make him feel better. I hope it will. And I'm going to go visit my Great Uncle Bob. I have to type up somw of my stories and such so I can show what I've done in the last almost year I've seen him. I really should e-mail him someday. I think I still have his email somewhere. I prefer showing him my writing in person though. I'll show him my dA.
I have a couple lame stories I wrote on computer instead of handwriting first. It doesn't work that well. I should just get a typewriter. Actually, I'd LOVE to have an old school typewriter. It would be great. Easier to read than my handwriting, and way less sophisticated as a laptop computer. I wouldn't get distracted by internets as badly as I have been nowadays.
Freaking internet. During the school year I'm going to stuff it in its case, put it in my closet and only take it out on the weekends when all of my school and writing work is done. I don't like to consider my writing as work but I guess I should so I can actually get things written before my mind eats the idea and I lose it forever. I hate how bad my memory has gotten lately. It's terrible.

I made peace with someone I'd been fighting with for a few months on Sunday. It's a long story.
Those who know, know. Those who don't, well, consider yourself lucky. Anyway, he has a really
awesome board.
Be warned though. There's a major weaboo there. I've only been there for a couple days and she already annoys the shit out of me. Looks like she's my fan or something. I don't talk to her and she is watching me on dA. It's all good though. Any reader is a good reader in my book. If she starts getting all fangirly like some girls at my school over Kazuno, I'll put her in her place. Yes I know Kazuno is awesome. I created him. kthnxbai.

I've been playing The Sims 2 on the PS2 lately. I made Sims of the HP crew [Harry, Ron, Hermione and Snape in one house, Voldemort, Dumbeldore and Ginny in another] I can't make a neighborhood of just the HP crew though since I'd have to delete my other Sims and I'm getting really attached to Atsukii, my designated official ganguro girl. Anyway, Snape keeps making love food and married Ron. Harry and Hermione got married too and he hates her. Ginny is a whore and made out with Ron with Hermione in the room. They fought and it was the funniest shit ever. Harry and Voldemort ate some of Snape's love food and made out. That was just creepy. And Dumbeldore is nowhere to be found. What the freak. Obviously I need to shut off free will. They can't control themselves enough to think for thier own. OH YEAH AND Ron dies when ever he cooks. I don't know why but he eats the food he makes then dies. Once he killed Harry. Snape is a jobless bum and spends all day looking through a telescope so he can get abducted by aliens [it's one of his wants] I'm trying to make my Sims really really happy. Happy Sims = really funny drama. Angry Sims = death and bad stuff D:! Atsukii married Sakurai Atsushi who was married before to Kakaihara [just think Ichi the Killer] Poor Kakihara. They weren't happy anyway. Oh yeah, and Ron and Snape buttsecksed. XDD

Well, it's 3:24 AM so I'm going to bed now.

Peace out.

I'll post about what happened in Tampa when I'm back.

By the way

Kaisha, my waffles were hard as rocks so my stepmom tossed them out before I could take a picture of them.

Kari, ilu <3

I swear I'm going to kill some internet.  My wireless WON'T STOP BUGGING THE FUCK OUT.

Okay, I think I'm done ranting about wireless internet now.  EVEN THOUGH [AS USUAL] IT'S NOT CONNECTED AND BEING RETARDED AND OH MY GOD I HATE IT SO MUCH

On to something else.   So today I got in a fight with Words [Former Webmaster of  a site I'm staff for called Final Fantasy Extreme] because I haven't been posting on his board [VGC] BUT I have the time etc to post on FFE.  WELL YEAH  YOU RETARD I'M STAFF ON THERE.
I supported that prat when he was unfairly ousted from webmastery and THIS is how he repays me?  DAMN.  Well, getting Jay [the current Webmaster of FFE] in the conversation to back me up landed me a mod job based on my loyality to FFE.  Well yeah, I'm very loyal to the sites I am staff for.

Well, now I feel much better because THE ALFEE drifted on to my iTunes and Takamizawa is soothing me with his sexy voice then ALL OF A SUDDEN PWNING MY FACE OFF WITH MIND BLOWING GUITAR SOLOS THAT ARE NOTHING BUT EPIC. JUST IN THIS SONG RIGHT HERE [ded] [Face pwned clean off] YES.  JUST YES.  Only Takamizawa can give me goosebumps from a guitar solo.  I had goose bumps on goosebumps, actually.   I love love LOVE THE ALFEE.  They're so awesome and epic is the only word to describe them.  No excuse me.  GODLY.  LEGENDARY. LEGENDARILY EPIC. [shot] 

I can't wait for HP no.7.  I've been reading number 5 today.  Normally I avoid reading Harry Potter at all costs besides in late June/all of July and maybe a little bit of August too.

That's all for now.


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